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Lined Shelf Tote / Grey - Small

Lined Shelf Tote / Grey - Small

  • 1900

Small - 8.2" x 11.4" x 5.7" h

These attractive wooden baskets are made of sturdy poplar and lined with durable fabric.
They’re perfect for “pick up and deliver” jobs around the house – put the kids’ clean clothes in one for them to take to their rooms, or use them for picking up toys that end up scattered here and there.
You could even assign one to each member of the family, so when items go astray you can just pop them in the appropriate basket – cleaning up has never been so easy!
The carved out stripes allow the liner to breathe, so you won’t be troubled by odors if what you’re picking up is a little less than clean.
Use them anywhere you need extra storage, or keep one or two to hold items for the beach. You’ll think of other uses, too – these baskets are nothing if not versatile!

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