Professional Organizer Training Course

What is a professional organizer?
A professional organizer is someone who helps people organize their homes and lives by teaching them how to deal with clutter and disorder. The professional organizer  likes making order out of chaos and enjoys working with people to make their lives or businesses run smoothly.

What does this course include?
This course is a 5 week 5 part series in which all areas of becoming and being a professional organizer are covered. Some of the topics are: The P.O/ client relationship, marketing and income, learning how to organize all kinds of spaces and rooms, Time management with scheduling, and more.

Why should I take this course?
If you love organizing, are organized, likeable, innovative, open-minded, positive, and want to have some extra income then becoming a professional organizer sounds right up your alley. This series is different then others because it is all inclusive and deals with organizing and marketing in the Jewish Community.

How much is this course?
Includes all materials  as well as one year of direct support from Raquel (Rechy) Zolty

Who gives this Course?
Raquel (Rechy) Zolty is the creator of the Solutionizer Course and founder of The Organizing Shoppe. She is a speaker and an experienced professional organizer/ time management coach who has organized many homes and lives. Rechy also gives series of home organizing and efficient living workshops throughout the year as well as an annual international teleconference series.