How Did It Start?

The Organizing Shoppe was founded in February of 2015 by Raquel Zolty and her very best friend Tzipora Weitman. Raquel had been a professional organizer for 10 years prior to opening the shoppe and had been training other professional organizer for half of that time. The Organizing Shoppe is uniquely set up to help anyone with organizational challenges, but especially helpful for professional organizers to make their job easier by offering excellent service.

Organizer Program

The Organizing Shoppe Professional Organizer service is simple: simply fill out the apply form, get approved and start ordering through our website, phone, Whatapp or text. It's that simple! You can also send us pics of challenging areas so we can help with advice and tips on the best products to use. With 15% off all orders for pro-organizers, a 24-48 hour fulfillment and shipping for organizers in the tri-state area, 30 days to return, 60 days to exchange, and a special courier service which helps deliver and pick up up, you can't go wrong by ordering from The Organizing Shoppe! Recently, the Shoppe created bundles; a group of products bundled together to offer complete solutions to organizers and customers alike making ordering bulk products easy breezy.

The Solutionizers

The Organizing Shoppe also offers an organizer match up service called The Solutionizers. Customers can request a professional organizer and Rachel from the Shoppe will help match them with the right pro. Finding the right organizer for your space can be delicate, as you want someone who can understand your needs, find the right products, and help keep you organized long-term. Rachel can help you navigate the process so that you are fully satisfied.

Hope for the Harried

Lastly, we have our very special not-for-profit organization called Hope for The Harried. Many families have homes that are not functioning due to lack of funds and skills, and we have the unique ability to be of service for those who cannot afford it, as we are situated with hundreds of trained organizes throughout the US, England and Israel. We help by sending in our trained professional organizers and time management coaches to create systems and schedules to help get families up and running. Hope for the Harried has been up since 2014 helped many many families. To become part of our Hope for The Harried Family by donating funds or services please contact us at the shoppe.